Essay Summary Of ' The Interlopers '

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Today, something keeps playing over and over again in my head, it is the story, “The Interlopers”. After reading the short story, there were a few questions and answers that kept running through my head. I tried to think deeper into the story and understand each and everything about the plot. This helped me identify most of the author’s messages in the story but the thinking process took a while. Now, before I forget these thoughts, I want to pen them down on this surface.
To start with, as the story slowly turned around the corner and came to an end, I questioned myself about the title, “The Interlopers” and how it connected to the story’s interlopers. Then, I read the story once again and it was clear that there were many objects or things that symbolized interlopers (intruders/those that don’t belong). My thoughts answered the question in three different answers. The interlopers or intruders in the short story were the two men called Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym, the tree that falls down initially, and the wolves. Georg was the interloper in the forest which was owned by Ulrich but Georg thinks that Ulrich’s ancestry didn’t get the land fairly and thus declares Ulrich as the interloper. Both of them declare each other as intruders in the forest, but the part that both of them don’t realize is that they both are the interlopers in nature. First of all, it is because they both are arguing over who the land is owned by, but they forget that no one owns nature and…

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