Essay on Summary Of ' The Summer Of '

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In the summer of ’08 on a very sunny morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota my older brother and I had woken up to the sun shining bright in our faces. I have no idea why, but we were young and full of energy on this particular morning. “Aye, wake up and let’s play toys,” my older brother said to me in the early morning hours. My brother and I had decided to play with our building blocks, they were huge and we had a room full them and all kinds of toys to play with. We played with the building blocks in our home because my mom felt it wasn’t safe for us to go out in the wee hours of the morning in order to keep us safe. So we weren’t allowed out the house until past 12pm. “Ha, you can’t catch me,” my brother yelled as we would run around the house. Around 11 o clock everyone in the house started waking up. “Get up time to clean the house” my mother screamed from the bathroom. Before my mother would cook breakfast she would make everyone clean the house up. On this particular morning my mother cooked eggs, bacon, rice, sausages, and biscuits. After she finished cooking she called us to eat before we could go play outside.
After we finished our meals my older brother and I asked if we could go outside. My mother then replied “Yes you two can go outside and play”. Around the time we finally got to go outside it was around 1 in the afternoon. “Mom I’m taking my bike out!” my brother yelled out as he decided to take his bike and go bike riding. “Wait don’t leave me!” I yelled out as…

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