Summary : ' Voodoo ' Essay

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Many people have heard stories growing up about witches and evil spirits haunting abandoned buildings and lurking around deserted towns. Let me tell you about something that is going on right here in your town of Memphis, Tennessee. It all started one day at work. First, Drew a coworker said: “Today is a the big day!” when he walked into the lab “We have to go out to Voodoo Village to finish up our surveillance on mosquitos.” This made me very nervous because when I remember in my home country of Haiti, Voodoo is a serious subject, nothing to play with. Though the thought of going to this place made me extremely uneasy.
Second, I packed up my gear and got in the truck with him. Formerly, on a daily basis, Drew and I go out in the county and set traps to catch mosquitos, eventually, to find areas with mosquitos positive with West Nile disease, meanwhile, I never would have thought we would go to a place like this though. When we arrived at the voodoo village, as we got closer to Mary Angela road, my nerves became more and more uneasy. The next thing I know we are walking up the long pathway to the gates of the infamous Voodoo Village. I looked at Drew and gave him an anxious look, but he simply shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk towards the gates. Next, I realized that, the path was dusty and seemed to be abandoned for many months. On the ground laid broken jars and gardening tools, but something tells me they weren’t there to weed the yard. As we got to…

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