Supporting The English Language Learners Essay

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Supporting English Language Learners There are an increasing number of non-native English speakers in schools around the United States. Schools are faced with the daunting task of providing an education that meets the needs of every student, including those who have a language barrier. According to Tom Stritikus, many linguistically diverse students fall into two categories: National Merit Scholars and high school dropouts (Laureate Education, 2009a). More must be done to ensure that ELL students fall into the National Merit Scholar category as opposed to the dropout category. In order for this to be done, the schools student must meet the needs of the culturally linguistic student in a way that prepares them or academic success.
School Support for English Language Learners According to Tom Stritikus, there are four characteristics of effective schools. He believes that they must have a school wide vision, be connected to the community, provide high quality learning environments and be connected to student’s lives (Laureate Education, Inc, 2009a). The school that I teach at does not fully meet all the characteristics outlined by Stritikus. At my campus, teachers in individual classes do create high quality learning environments that are engaging to students, as well as try to reach out to the community. For example, our school wide literacy initiative pushes teachers to focus on assigning content specific, authentic writing assignments. Before the writing assignment,…

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