Survey Paper

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Survey Paper The amount of experience, skills and the amount of success a player has in baseball may determine each player's salary in the major league baseball. This survey will help determine whether a players skills along with the team's consistency to win has an effect on being offered a higher salary versus the other teams in the MLB. This survey will be used as a tool that is designed to have survey-takers contribute opinions and suggestions so that a collection of data can be reviewed to determine whether the survey-takers are in agreement with the factors mentioned above is the result to higher salaries in the MLB. Specific variables will be used in the survey questions and the results will show how effective each question …show more content…
The question will ask how important is each players salary and how it contributes to the game. Question seven asks about higher paid players contributions to the team. The eighth question will ask the survey taker to pick the main reason why a player should have a higher salary than other players. Question nine will ask the survey taker what is a reasonable salary for players. The tenth question will inspire the survey takers to attend as many games as possible. These questions will be used in the effort to understand the relationship between players skills, higher winnings and individual salaries. Measurement. While survey takers are answering the questions, they will understand the reason behing the question. The arrangement of the questions is to design and build a strog survey questionnaire. The information that is contained through these questions, will help the MLB realize the importance of salary fairness along with builing awareness for the survery taker and survey creator. Ethical implications. Designig a survey that will reach survery takers opinions needs to contain questions that are ethically sound. This survey should persuade survey takers as well as the survey creators to act responsibly and ethically. It is important that this survey raises the awarness that salary fairness should exist in the MLB. In addition, the answers from the survey will illustrate what a resonable salary for MLB players

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