Swot Analysis : The Market Essay

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SWOT Analysis
• The target markets identify increased consumer confidence in the electrical and appliances market identifying an existent ready market. The section provides operational strength for the penetration of the company within these markets. Also, increased acceptance of the products provides the business with an opportunity to integrate some of the popular products in the market together with the inclusion of a new variety of products.
• The markets have increased the popularity of electrical appliances. The situation enhances the penetration of the company’s products within the market. Increased popularity of electrical appliances and equipment has been enhanced through the economic growth in the market, which influences consumer access to the company products.
• The identified markets have established stable economies thus providing avenues for organizational growth through the establishment of fair trading practices. The existence of fair trading practices provides the business with an opportunity to grow and expand in the existent market through the provision of favorable trading conditions and processes. Also, the existence of favorable trading practices influences the revenue processes in the organization.
• The markets provide reliable and strong distribution networks. The process enhances quick product availability, which ensures that the outlets have the necessary produce readily available at all times. The development of a reliable network…

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