Essay on Symbols in Cast Away

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Personal Response for "Cast Away" "Cast Away" is a fantastic film that has many hidden meanings beneath the surface. Before being analysed, it seems like it's simply about a man who experiences an adventurous journey after his plane crashes into the Pacific. After more thought was put into it, many symbolic meanings that demonstrated his human nature, mainly consisting his drive of survival, faith, hope, and morals, was revealed. I am able to arrive at the conclusion that yes, I do agree with the quote, "Cast Away delivers a strong message of fear, survival, faith and hope." After Chuck Noland is "chucked" onto an inhabited island, we as an audience immediately see various symbolisms of hope. As an example, in order to survive, he …show more content…
The concept remains the same in both situations: a sense of nostalgic longing of the familiar life but hope for a new beginning at the same time. Survival is also a very prominent element in the film. Before opening the FedEx boxes, Chuck was very hesitant because it was against his moral beliefs, since they were not his to take. After some time, he decided that his survival meant more to him than his morals. Another excellent example to prove this point is the process Chuck took in order to liberate himself from the island. The ocean itself is a barrier between Chuck and the outside world, and he desperately attempts to overcome it. During the first attempt at escape, he is impaled by a sharp rock. The blood that spills from his flesh hides a deeper meaning to it; it represents the hardships that hold him back from attaining his goals. When trying to overcome obstacles, unfortunate events such as becoming injured may cross one's path but it doesn't mean giving up should be an option. Later on, he tries again to escape the island. A key line expressed by Chuck is, "I would rather take my chances and brave the ocean than spend the rest of my life on this goddamn island waiting to die, talking to a volleyball!" He is explaining that he would take a huge risk if it means there's a

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