Symbols Of Native American Culture Essay

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he symbols of native american culture might differ in meaning from tribe to tribe. These symbols were made and used for a several reasons and were represented by numerous objects. Some of them were specific to individual families and passed down from one generation to another. Others had a practical purpose like indicating a way for good hunting,or providing directions to get home. Let 's talk about one of them. Native American Totems are symbols of tribes or a family. Animal totems usually reflect the origin of a tribe, reminding them of their mythical past. The word" Totem" comes from the Chippewa word meaning "his kinship group".A lot of tribes believed that each of them have animal totems that is spirit which appear in vision or dream in the form of powerful animal. These spirit guides fallow them through the life, protecting and teaching them.Each one of the totems has a specific characteristics and meaning. The significance of each of the Totems is understandable by everyone,but there might be some regional and tribal variations to their symbolism and meaning. I probably could make a connection between the symbols of the native americans and some symbols from our culture. The mascots. But there is a huge difference between the totems and a plush mascot of a sport- team. The real meaning have been lost. The interpretation of the indian symbols goes to the real meaning of secrets of their rituals, an understanding of their view of the world .The true meaning of indian…

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