Essay on Target Needs For The Card Brands And Update Software

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Target will need to certify to the card brands and update software at the POS. Acquirer processors will be required to support acceptance of the chip transactions. Certification for the acceptance of EMV cards and providing merchants with the tools and resources necessary to be accept secure and efficient payments would also suffice. Processors and acquirers need to add EMV data essentials to approval and clearing messages, review disputes processes to support Chip and Pin EMV technology, certify network interfaces, approval, and clearing for various card brands, and educate the merchant and train staff. Infrastructure updates will also be needed. System specifications must be updated for point of sale software development to work with EMV. “At the moment, many of the country’s retailers are also expected to adopt the new technology by October 2015, when card companies will shift liability for fraud on signature-based transactions over to the retailers if they haven’t implemented chip technology” (King, 2014).
Target needs to assess the system by identifying and evaluating incidents which is inclusive of evaluating precursors and indicators, correlating threat intelligence, tracking incidents and maintaining a log, and generating assessment summaries. In order to manage a successful system, a suitable containment strategy must be chosen. The organization will need to isolate and remediate cause, instruct evidence gathering and handling, and must also log evidence.…

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