Teachers Of The Hour : Professional Development Of Teachers Essay

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Need of the hour: Professional Development of Teachers in India

Education is the source of all achievements in the journey of one 's whole life. Education broadens the horizon of understanding it makes the man know the worth of him as well as others. History is a witness that no country became successful without educated citizens. Good education is a passport to a comfortable and prosperous life. My nation India is on the march towards a bright and prosperous tomorrow. The social organ plays the most important role in this aspect is education. Without a sound and goal oriented system of education, the dream of reconstructing nation 's economic, social and political life cannot be realized, in order to fulfill the ideals, the quality of education imparted to the children, has to be improved. Hence the teaching profession plays an extremely vital role in the development of a nation. As it is the teacher who prepares the citizens of tomorrow, hence their training depict how they will be in a position to educate pupil placed in their charge. The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of education at school and university level; and quality of education depends upon the teachers. Thus, the quality of teachers is very important in making a nation great. Teachers are the nation builders and they are the backbone of society. According to Court is Stuart A: "A teacher is an agent appointed to develop citizenship who can live successfully in the culture of the country".
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