Teaching Philosophy At Baptist Temple Christian Academy Essay

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My teaching philosophy was primarily developed when I was in third grade while attending a non-traditional Montessori school. Students were solely responsible for their own learning setting goals and then working toward those goals independently. The adult facilitator helped the students to set goals, held them accountable and assisted with new content when requested by the student. It was in this environment that I learned how to set realistic goals that pushed me a little beyond my comfort zone and allowed me to reach my fullest potential. It was in this environment that I began to blossom as a student.
All of these lessons learned at Baptist Temple Christian Academy affect my current teaching philosophy and my teaching style. I don 't see myself as the traditional teacher doling out assignments from the front of the classroom. I just a classroom facilitator. On any given day, upon entering my classroom you will see me sitting on the floor conferencing with a group of students or walking around the room monitoring the progress of student led groups. My role is to guide and sometimes advise. I want to open the doors of new possibilities for them, shifting their paradigm from one of mediocrity to one of excellence, just as mine was shifted so many years ago.
As a teacher, I am grateful for the opportunity to help learners shape their own educational experiences. It is a true delight to see them grow throughout the year. In order to become an effective teacher, I believe…

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