Teaching Psychology And Becoming A School Counselor Essay

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Throughout our childhood we have been preparing to make critical career choices. These choices are based on whether we choose the college life or go right into the field of work after High School. As we grow we discover who we are as individuals and believe we know what we want to study or work in. Truth is, college students change their majors 2-3 times. Everyone thinks that we go to college to acquire skills for a specific job or career but, we go to college to become learners. College is where we discover who we truly are and find what we want to do for the next couple years of our lives. My thoughts and goals have changed over time. I remember wanting to major in Criminal Justice and becoming part of the F.B.I to wanting to study psychology and becoming a school counselor to finally being interested in Culinary Arts. This field not only interests me but will teach me skills that will help me in life. I discovered that I am a hands on learner and execute tasks better with a small classroom. Culinary Arts is just what I’ve been looking for. Of course it’s not everyone’s calling but I had the pleasure to of interviewing Ms. Debra Guinn who is my Culinary Arts teacher. I never thought that the art of food would interest me until this year. Her classroom is a very different type of learning environment and it suits me very well. I had the pleasure of interviewing a great person who is experienced in this field to get a better understanding of “Why Culinary…

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