Essay on Teaching With Grace Is An Admirable Quality

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Teaching with Grace
Ironically, few days after a fellow PhD student and I were talking about Professor Kristen Sethares’ exceptional pedagogical qualities and how she would be an ideal candidate for a teaching award, I was asked to provide a supporting letter for her nomination in such capacity.
As a former Masters student and currently matriculating in the PhD program, I have been fortunate to have Professor Sethares as a teacher, advisor, and dissertation chair. It is an honor to support the nomination of someone who is totally dedicated to transform the lives of students who cross her path. Teaching with grace is an admirable quality that every student wishes to find in a teacher. Showing generosity with her knowledge and time Professor Sethares demonstrates grace. Grace is giving students what they did not earn or deserve but can totally transform their lives forever. Effortlessly, Professor Sethares extends grace to students during the teaching learning experience through knowledge transfer, showing interest in students’ progress, and personal encouragement.
Knowledge Transfer
Exceptional teaching is reserved for those who have the ability to connect with their students and successfully connect them with the subject being taught. Professor Sethares brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to her classroom activities and shares this knowledge generously with passion. Painstakingly she reviews papers and other written assignments and provides students with…

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