Teenagers Should Not Be Punished For Committing Online Harassment

1001 Words Jul 4th, 2015 5 Pages
For those who believe adolescents should not be punished for committing online harassment need to definitely think twice. Allowing teens to input rude post sending nasty messages and images online to attack other innocent kids should be unacceptable. 50 percent of teens have been bullied online before, because young teens now spend a tremendous amount time on social media. It is consider the main interest for children and teenager other than sleeping. Authorities and society should make more efforts to legislate against adolescent who get involved in cyberbullying. In addition, to prevent cyberbullying parents, and schools should cut children’s technology use. Since it is considered the most common source that produce cyberbullying. Authorities and communities need to force lawmakers to initiate strong orders against adolescents that finds themselves involved in cyberbullying. Meanwhile, many young teens have found guilty committing cyber bullying, yet walks out free with no punishment. In the article “Cyberbullies.” Billitteri informs, “Moves to improve online safety have been building in Congress and the states for years” (Billitteri, par.4). Meaning that not enough actions has been taking towards it, and we need more of societies hands to get involves in this issue. Forcing lawmakers to allow severe sanctions to those who perpetrates cyberbullying. Freedom of speech should not even consider when it comes to cyberbullying, reason being no one should have the right to…

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