Teens And The American Psychology Association Essay

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School, extracurricular activities, job, homework, sleep, repeat—this is the schedule for most teenagers. These days, teenagers are expected to have a job, go to school, get good grades, be a part of extracurricular activities, choose and get into a college, know what they want to do with their lives, and overall be good kids. Teenagers are held responsible to act like an adult, all the while they aren’t even adults yet. All of this has to be stressful for teens, and while a little stress is good, the amount that teens have these days is not. This new generation is seen as seen as lazy and carefree by the generations that have come before them, saying that “back in their day” things were a lot harder. Is that really the truth though? According to the American Psychology Association, it isn’t. They ran a survey named, “Stress in America,” and found that teenagers routinely say that during the school year, and into the summer, their stress levels are much higher than they think healthy. (Bethune) With this information, a certain question is begging to be asked. Why are teens more stressed now than they ever have been? Teenagers stress levels are much higher than that of adults. On average, teens reported that their stress level was a 5.8 on 10 scale, where as adults reported theirs only being a 5.1 on a 10 point scale. In addition to this, many teens say that their stress bring on a feeling of being overwhelmed, depressed, sad, tired, or end up skipping meals. In addition,…

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