Term Paper on Consumer Behavior

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Executive Summery

This report attempts to study the consumers’ behavior for a particular cola brand, MOJO. It is brand of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd., a sister concern of prominent group of companies of Bangladesh, Akij Group. In the year 2007 MOJO was the market challenger in Bangladeshi cola market with a sales of about 52 crores BDT. The brand was launched in 14th April, 2005 targeting the youth of Bangladesh who like the Bangladeshi trends. All those years MOJO is doing satisfactory in the market place and competing well with RC Cola). People prefer MOJO’s pricing but it has to improve its image in status and quality issues. However, still now MOJO has the chance to recover its own position because target customers (according to the
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Nature of study This term paper is an exploratory type of study.

Primary Sources This term paper has been done on both primary and secondary information. Through the survey using questionnaire we have collected primary data according to which we have given some important strategies. It includes the questions about the demographic, cultural, behavioral factors. It also considers the belief and attitude toward different colas in the market (MOJO, coke, Pepsi).

Secondary Sources Through visiting the website, collecting brochure and information from their office the secondary data have been collected. In this term paper 100 consumers were interviewed for this purpose.

Presentation of Information We have used graphs including pie chart, bar diagram to present the information.

Limitation There are some limitations that we faced while doing this term paper is:

1. Only 100 interviewees have been taken into consideration while preparing the report which is not a good sample to provide any strategy. 2. Most of the interviewees are from different private universities. 3. Lack of in-depth understanding of certain terms and concepts to the interviewed people. 4. Inadequate knowledge of interviewed people about the product MOJO Cola. 5. Age variation is very low as respondents are most of young people.

Strength and Weakness of the Brand

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