Term Paper Overview

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Template for a Term Paper

Chip Klostermeyer
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A template is provided for writing paper reviews or term papers. Terminology relevant to writing a paper is also defined. For example, an abstract is a fifty to two hundred word summary of your paper that appears at the beginning of the paper.

1. Introduction

The introduction should define the problem you are studying, discuss the history of the problem and state its importance in the field. Applications of the problem can be discussed and basic examples should be given to illustrate the concepts, using figures if possible. Basic terminology should be defined and explained.

In the
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2. Background

In some cases, you may need to divide the introductory material in your paper into two sections. Oftentimes, a second section called the “Background” section is used. In the Background section, additional terms are defined and more historical information, such as previous results and a review of related papers, is give. It is in the Introduction and Background sections that you must ensure that your reader understands the problem and the terminology as well as show the reader that you have done your homework, in terms of your library work. Note that, today, much of your “library work” can be done on the internet. The UNF library has electronic access to many journals (such as the “Journal of the ACM,” “Discrete Mathematics,” “Theoretical Computer Science,” “Information Processing Letters,” and many more) and to indexes such as “MathSciNet” that index and review thousands of papers. Some journals, such as “ACM Computing Surveys” contain survey articles on various topics in computing (a survey article summarizes the important literature on a topic). In fact, most any article in “ACM Computing Surveys” is likely a good template for a term paper. Other on-line search engines are available for perusing the literature, most notably “The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies.” The UNF library also has paper subscriptions to important journals such as “SIAM Journal on Computing” and “Journal of

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