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Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelor of Technology (Integrated) In Computer Science and Engineering


Name AKSHI SHARMA Miss SUKHDILPREET KAUR Regd. No 10805416 Rollno R246A05


Department of Computer Science and Engineering Lovely Professional University Phagwara


I take this opportunity to present my votes of thanks to all those guidepost who really acted as lightening pillars to enlighten our way throughout this project that has led to successful and satisfactory completion of this study. We are really grateful to our HOD Mr.
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It becomes very inconvenient to modify the data. In the existing system, here is a possibility that the same data in different registers may have different values which means the entries of the same data do not match. This inconsistent state does not supply the concrete information which poses a problem in the case information related to particular search record.
Our project is very useful. User is no longer required to check his register in search of records, as now it can be searched over the software by choosing some options. The user need not to type in most of the information. He/she is just required to enter the desired options. On the whole it liberates the user from keeping lengthy manual records. In a nutshell, it abates the work load of an organization.
In today’s world, no one likes to perform calculations on calculator or manually when computer is there. Every one wants his/her work to be done by computer automatically and displaying the result for further manipulations.

This term paper project is just an application of the language C in developing softwares.This is the program for keeping records of the bank ,that is the entire details of the customer ,savings ,how much money he/she can deposit and withdraw from the bank, to open the new account ,create a new account ,display all account holders, balance enquiry etc.

The following documentation is a

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