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Expectations from students:

The aim of this Term Paper is to produce a Programming logic or Animation on the assigned Topic. The assignment is to read the existing system/problem and create a program of your concept to obtain the expected results. Assistance from text and reference books, articles and reports on the concerned topics from Internet can be taken but the animation logic should be your own piece of work. Along with, students are supposed to write an abstract of the topic with example, real world applications, and impact on society or solutions recommended.

Abstract submission: (3-4 pages) • Description of the topic • Example of the given topic • Future plan of the given work.

The Abstract
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Internet copied contents is not accepted and marked copy case. Write in your own words.

Term Papers for CSE429

|Roll No |Topic |Description |
|1,22,34 |Writing to a Socket and create a packet |Send 10 digit numbers and check for its checksum, using UDP. |
| |with UDP | |
|2,23,35 |Writing to a Socket and Create a packet |Wrap your first name in the packet. |

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