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Courtroom Participants Professional Standards
Arthur Williams
July 16, 2012
Ross Kucera

Courtroom Participants Professional Standards
For the purpose of this paper I will be discussing the questions posed in the course syllabus by my professor: * Prosecutorial Misconduct * Prosecutorial misconduct is best described as illegal acts utilized by a prosecutor to persuade a jury to wrongly convict an individual accused of a crime or securing a severe sentence that may not be justified towards the actual crime. Often times there are occurrences of individuals that are wrongfully convicted, many of these individuals are incarcerated for extended periods of time before their cases are even heard or brought before a
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* Real life stories My real life story on prosecutorial misconduct focuses on the case of Raymond Towler, who was convicted on the charge of rape of an eleven year old girl and completed 30 years of a sentenced life sentence trying to convince the courts of his innocence. Assistant District Attorney Bill Mason motto of “win no matter what” resulted in him eliciting testimony that he knew, or had been advised was in accurate. Mason interviewed a police detective who stated in court that Towler never denied raping the eleven year old; however, notes written by the detective himself during his investigation supported Towler’s claims to not having raped the child. In responding to Mason’s questions, a police officer provided testimony that Towler had some form of an indecent communication with the child prior to the rape. Yet police records indicated that it was Chris Towler, Raymond’s brother, who had communication (which was appropriate) with the child. Even with a variety of inconsistencies present, a misled jury still convicted Towler. The mistake the prosecutor made was that he did not utilize sufficient evidence in the case or the fact that Towler wasn’t nowhere near the area or the fact that he never even came in contact with the child, physically or verbally. He also failed to utilize the statement taken by the officer concerning to it being Towler’s brother that was in the area where the act supposedly occurred and had

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