Terrorism And Its Effects On Terrorism Essay

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What is terrorism? Many people often associate it with the defacing of monumental buildings based upon an individual’s selfish prejudice; however, terrorism consists of more than destructions that can cause death. It is a social construct used to instill terror due to coercion or as a use of political expression. Although, terrorist may commit terrorist crimes for different reasons, it has one common result which is the conjuring of traumatic emotional responses. Terrorism is enacted upon in several ways. It can be both domestic and international. There is no name, race or face to directly associated with the crime. Terrorism is simply caused by individuals who use fear to incite riot. In an effort to differentiate terrorism from other criminal activities, there are five key factors that actions must comply to be classified as terrorism: actions must be driven and intended politically, threaten violence, anticipate evoking psychological responses in individuals other than the victims, actions must be organized by a clear chain of command and committed by a subnational group (Schram & Tibbetts, 2014, p.389). Most importantly, terrorism can be motivated by several things, the most prominent influences are state-sponsored, dissident, religious and criminal. Each tactic takes a different approach. State-sponsored terrorism consists of terrorist acts that occur on behalf of state or government guidance against alleged enemies. Dissident terrorism consists of rebellious groups…

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