The Achievements Of The Civil Rights Movements Essay

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1. Analyze the achievements of the civil rights movements in the United States. Highlight at least four major challenges confronting women’s rights advocates during the formative years of human rights movements in America.

Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s, our nation had made an outstanding effort to end separation and hatred by simply giving African Americans equal rights. Black men wanted to be considered strong, capable of success, and smart. The African American community wanted to be considered equal citizens in the white community. Meanwhile, most women were also ready for change in the world perceptions of them. After several administrative triumphs, the social equality development moved towards changing the state of mind of the majority of white people.
On February 1, 1960 one of the first sit-ins was participated by a four African American students from Greensboro, North Carolina. These students attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. These students sparked a trend by sitting in a white area when they simply sat down and requested a cup of coffee. Although they were not served, they stayed until the diner closed. That day those students were also tormented and harassed by other hateful white students and were also arrested for refusing to leave the premises. Shortly after hundreds of students join them in the sit-ins at groups known as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. This group, SNCC, led the freedom rides.…

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