The Adoption Of The M9 Essays

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The adoption of the M9 was jump started by the Air Force’s own testing of 9-mm pistols. Once the Air Force released their results it sparked an interest in the adoption of a force-wide 9-mm pistol. This initiative was backed up because the House Appropriation Committee was calling for a more unified pistol model. The reason being it would simplify the procurement of parts and bullets along with answering the call to convert to the NATO’s standard 9-mm.
The 9-mm bullet had benefits on both the field and in the office. On the field the 9-mm had much less kick than the common .45 cal, allowing one to realign their aim much quicker. The other benefit of adopting the (-mm was that it was again smaller and therefore cheaper to buy.
The Air Force released their findings with their testing of a berretta pistol and gave a suggestion to make Beretta an immediate dealer for pistols. Soon the each of the armed forces was looking at their old worn pistols and agreed it was time for change. Going by standard bureaucratic procedure the government said it couldn’t solely go off the Air Force’s suggestion so they deemed that the Army will be in charge of testing and choosing the next pistol for the entire armed forces. This was not the best idea due the wide range of both terrain and just individual mission standards.
Another want out of this procurement was the get an “off the shelf” gun meaning one that is commercially available on the civilian market. 1981 the Army began by inviting…

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