The Advantage Of Green Engineering Essay

1297 Words Jul 20th, 2015 6 Pages
Nhat Vo
Prof. Mojtaba Masoumi
Introduction Engineering 1201
July, 20, 2015

The Advantage of Green Engineering

Nowadays, green engineering is the most important part in our live even in the past. Green engineering can reduce the generation of pollution in the environment, and prevent the risks posed to human health. In addition, engineers and sciences are belong to disciplines of green engineering. Every engineer has a difference role in their jobs, but they still have a common perspective, such as, solve problems, turning idea into reality, seek economical solutions and design under constrains. Moreover, engineer always bring a good product and life to us because they are able to find the way to make the product has a good quality, especially; they are able to prevent the environmental pollution to our atmosphere today. When we think about the environment, we should think about how the green engineering does to protect our live. “Green engineering is a general term used to refer to the application of engineering principles in an effort to conserve natural resources or to minimize adverse impact on the environment.” (William C. 29). By that, we can see how important that the green engineering impact to our environment. Recently, our Earth is getting lots of warmer to the greenhouse effect, which heats up the surface of our planet from the gases to our atmosphere. This is happening…

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