The And Responsibilities Of A Social Worker Essay

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Social work is a newly recognised profession. However, the actions and responsibilities of a social worker has been evolving and developing over many generations. Social workers have multiple roles throughout the community. Their main job varies depending on the needs of the community. Social workers are known for helping people in need, for instance the homeless, victims of domestic abuse and people in the prison systems. This professions development in Australia has been widely influenced by the UK, the USA and faith organisations. Due to Australia being a young country aspects of the social profession can stem from other countries such as the UK.
The UK is one of the notable countries that has helped develop Australia’s social profession. The UK has helped form ideas and ways to improve the lives of others. However, determining who needs help and whether a person was worthy of help is an important part of this profession.
In 1834, the UK’s second reform of the poor laws, there was a change to the amount of help and resources given to the public. To reduce the access of aid the UK limited the eligibility for assistance to people who earned the lowest wages and worked in workhouses (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2015). The decision to make this change was influence by the theory at the time that only certain people are worthy of aid. In this era it was believed that the individual needing assistance was either deserving or undeserving poor. To determine who was worthy of this…

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