The And Social Status Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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values. The Sybil Vane encounter reflects how deeply the immoral teachings are planted in the mind of Dorian. After being enthralled by the latter’s beauty and social status, Sybil Vane, a poor but a talented stage actress falls in love with him. She also calls him “Prince Charming” due to his unstained beauty and goes against her family members who do approve her love for Dorian. However, Dorian wants to explore his sensuality and to know about all aspects of life and can’t fathom her love for him. Being enamored by Sybil’s acting prowess, he courts her and proposed her for marriage. There is constant conflict between Sybil’s influence and Wotton’s influence on Dorian. Both Dorian and Wotton are tied with a mutual but invisible leash. When Sybil decides to give up on her love for acting to start her journey of love with him, she faces a darker side of Dorian. As he is used to analyze everyone and every relationship with the lenses of Henry Wotton’s theory of immorality, he realizes that she has lost her magic after quitting acting and she is merely a decoration. He allows himself to be cruel and cold-hearted in heated debate with Sybil and leaves her which results in the death of Sybil. Dorian who weighs his sensations more than the values, believes that she deserved death only after living her acting. His callousness is result of Lord Henry’s experiment of immorality on him. Dorian just acts as a guinea pig in the experiment. Lord Henry feels accomplished by…

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