The Argument Against The Federal Subsidies Essay

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The second case was over religious businesses being forced to provide birth control to all employees. The Supreme Court voted down this specific mandate as it violated the freedom of religion. You may want to expand here?
The third and most recent Obamacare case was in regards to the federal subsidies( money) being awarded to individuals from the federal government, even though the law specifically states that these subsidies should be, “Established by the State”. This case held an interesting debate using a strategy known as an ad hominem fallacy. The idea is to avoid or ignore the actual issue at hand and instead begin attacking the opponent. This can sometimes be personal attacks, or in many of these cases an attack on a political party and or other issues. For example the plaintiff (Republican) in the recent Supreme Court case King v. Burwell argued that the specific text in the Obamacare law did not validate the federal subsidies since the wording only referred to state subsidies. The defendant (Democrat) ignored this issue and attempted to make an argument about the fallout of Obamacare should these subsidies be found unconstitutional instead. They painted the plaintiff (conservatives) as horrible people who are willing to take away and strand millions of people without healthcare rather than fight the actual battle over constitutionality. The defendant argued that the Republicans are only back in the Supreme Court to settle the score from when the bill was passed.…

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