The Atrocities Of World War II Essay

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The atrocities that occurred before and during the start of World War II in 1939 resulted from Adolf Hitler’s goal to spread racial nationalism. Following the conclusion of World War I, Hitler’s anger towards non-Aryans rose to a new level. The Nazi Party agreed to go to great lengths rid Germany of these “evil races,” especially the Jews. Jews were isolated and eliminated by different means, supporting the idea of Nazi Germany as a “racial” state.
Adolf Hitler’s racist nationalistic thoughts stemmed from his childhood and continued to further develop as he grew older. He started with an interest in reading literature focusing on racist, nationalist, anti-Semitic, and Pan-German ideology (Perry 453). By religiously reading and absorbing the information presented in the material, he began to accept the racial treatises discussed. Hitler’s interest turned into an obsession and he adopted the central objective of eliminating the inferior races, which he would carry out later in his life (Perry 453). Out of all the inferior races, the Jews were believed to be the most dangerous and evil, and he noticeably targeted them to a higher degree than the other races (Perry 453). Georg von Schönerer, the leader of a Pan-German movement, revealed that the only reason Jews are labeled as evil is because of their racial qualities, not their religious repudiation of Christ (Perry 453). Following the defeat of Germany in World War I, Hitler reacted with anger. His obligation to racial…

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