The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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When the Civil War started many people of this nation were not expecting the chaos, destruction, and they certainly did not expect the war to last so long. The history of the guerrilla warfare began shortly before the start of the Civil War and lasted a few years after the war. The guerrillas dominated Missouri to such an extent that the Union army had to station thousands of troops in the state to try to control the turmoil that these guerillas caused. As Richard Brownlee states on page 5 "The history of the western Confederate guerillas began in the state of Missouri several years before 1861.”
In the years between 1861 and 1865 when the United States was tormented by the Civil War and while massive armies slowly maneuvered and grappled for control of the Eastern Seaboard and the Mississippi Valley, the vast and lightly settled country just west of the Mississippi, the western boarder, was wracked by insurrection and continuous guerilla warfare. " (1) The first theme was loyalty and disloyalty. The first representation of disloyalty was through the newly elected governor Claiborne Jackson. During his campaign he led his state and country to believe that he was anti secessionist. After he was elected, Governor Jackson hoped that Missouri would join the Confederacy. When Lincoln called upon the Union states for an order of troops, Jackson refused to send any troops; declaring that Missouri would not support the Union. Jackson would later flee Missouri and Hamilton Gamble…

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