Essay The Bill Of Rights Of The United States

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In 1787, a convention was held for an infant nation in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Within the walls of this convention, 55 delegates changed the course of human history. These men tediously molded a document that would guide a newborn United States into its current future as global superpower two centuries later. After the United States Constitution was crafted, each of the delegates returned to their designated states where a vote was held to determine if this new, unfamiliar government would be ratified into existence (Jillson, pg. 31). One of the biggest debates over ratifying this constitution was the lack of guaranteed protection of its people. What would serve as the boundary line for its powers to prevent tyrannical oppression? (Bill of Rights Institute). The answer to this concern was a set of ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights. How did this bill come to be? Why was it added? Why wasn’t it included in the original document? These were all points that needed to be examined both at the time of the Constitution’s ratification and now in present day.
The origins of the Bill of Rights started in the very forging of the Constitution. During the original five month long Constitutional Convention, or the Philadelphia Convention as it was appropriately referred to, its delegates were tasked with correcting the faults and shortcomings in the weak government formed under the Articles of Confederation (Larson, pg. 103).The Articles at the time appeared to…

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