The Birds And The Bees Essay

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“Professor, will there be a practical exam?” Making whoopee. Doing the tango. The birds and the bees. The Hanky-Panky. No matter what we want to call it, sex is sex. The debate on how we should educate our children, the future generations, about it has been something that the American society has not been able to agree upon. Sex is one of those topics that everyone has a hard time to control or police because it is an action that affects people and their life decisions and will always be a personal choice no matter what laws are passed to say otherwise. The biggest controversy regarding sex is how to educate our youth so that they too can make well-informed decisions about their body to avoid severe consequences later in life. How young is too young to talk about sex? Should we promote abstinence or promote sex as long as the participants know the repercussions? Before we can provide answers to these questions we need to first figure out who is responsible for this type of “education”. There has been debates and even test-trials of sex education in schools, some schools starting the discussing as young as nine-years old. In my high school, Brooklyn Technical High school, we were allowed to have “sex-ed” class in out sophomore year of schooling. I remember the basic rules of how to put on a condom, menstruation, genitalia anatomy, and most of all the snickers and giggles of all my classmates including myself- no one took that class seriously. The article “Sex Education in…

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