The Black Death Or Bubonic Plague Essay

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The Black Death or bubonic plagued, swept across Europe, killing possibly a third of the population in the middle of the fourteenth century. Even though the Black Death may have not caused the Renaissance it was a large contributing factor. Survivors of the bubonic plague found themselves better off financially and socially with the same wealth spread among scarcer people and better possibility for climbing the social ladder. This was especially true in Italy, where social movement was much greater. Workers began to negotiate for better wages notwithstanding attempts by society and the church. Much like the rulers above them, this ‘new’ wealth was often was spent on display items to reinforce prestige. While some areas saw struggles between the more competitively positioned workers and their bosses. This also allowed people to patronize Renaissance artists. It also opened up the merchant and skilled laboring classes to whole new classes of people. After great tragedy, creativity is born. Walk with during a time of continual innovation, during an influx of ideas rich in culture seething with art and music. The Renaissance was the golden era of mankind, it was a time period that link the past the present as well as the future.
A period from the 14th to the 17th century, considered the bridge between the middle Ages and modern history. Remains much debated why and when the Renaissance began in Europe, focusing on places like Florence, Italy. It started as a cultural movement…

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