The Breakfast Club : A Feminist Lens Essay

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Or any other aspect which might be useful in an analysis of the film
The Breakfast Club analyzed through a Feminist Lens
Thesis: The Breakfast Club portrays women’s individuality and men’s masculinity within society. Stereotypes are shown throughout the movies shapes the individual identity to fit society, and the gender role.
John Bender: John bender is a ruthless character who has gone through a lot in his life time. He is represented as the criminal from the group of characters in, “The Breakfast Club”. He is a reckless characters who does not care about others, and their opinions towards him. He tends to create conflicts with other like his school mates. However, the story partly revolves around how john comes from a broken family, which contrasts directly with his attitude towards others. Furthermore, factors like short temper, abusive language, and most of all him objectifying women. Overall, the feminist theory strictly clashes with John’s thoughts and opinions and later learns to relate with other characters and understand there point of views.
John Bender Examined through a Feminist lens:
Some factors that Contrast John Bender and the Feminism are:
• John Bender 's relationship with his mother and father allows for him to objectify Claire
• John Bender 's cockiness allows him to think that he is irresistible in the eyes of a girl
• John Bender exploits Claire on the simplicity of her name itself.
• John Bender judges Claire on her stereotype of being a Princess…

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