The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Essay

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1969 – Prime Minister Trudeau passed Bill C-150. The bill stated that homosexuality was no longer a crime, and that abortion was now allowed in certain circumstances. This also made it legal to buy contraceptives. Now, men over 21 years of age were legally allowed to be together. In order to have an abortion, the woman had to be reviewed by a panel of three doctors, and if they believed having the child would affect the woman’s mental, emotional, or physical health, she would be allowed an abortion.
1985 – Canada adopts the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section fifteen of the Charter was on equality rights, and homosexuality fell under that category. It was introduced in 1982, but it wasn’t put into effect until 1985. It stated that homosexual peoples had the same rights as everyone else, has it was part of their persona that could not be changed. This was a major milestone for gay rights in Canada.
1995 – The criminal code is revised in order to increase the punishments for hate crimes. At this time, crimes motivated by gay hatred where still seen extremely often, so this new revised law would ensure that these people would be punished more severely, therefore hopefully decreasing the amount of gay-hate crime. The Criminal Code focused solely on the punishment that these hate groups would receive. The “hate propaganda” provisions made it illegal to hate against any group due to their sexuality.
1996 – The Canadian Human Rights Act is modified. Before, there were…

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