The Care Of The Woman, Baby And Her Family Essay

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This assignment will evaluate the care provided to an individual woman, her baby and her family by a student midwife utilising the model of care known as case load midwifery, also known as case-loading. It will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of case loading and provide a short history of the subject. The care of the woman, baby and her family will be examined. In order to adhere to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2015) and to maintain confidentiality, the woman has been given the pseudonym ‘Sarah’ and her partner Matthew.
The case load model of midwifery care is a relatively new concept, although continuity of care has been around for over a decade (Flint, Paulengeris, & Grant, 1989). Caseload midwifery refers to a model which includes a named midwife and continuity of care throughout pregnancy, the intrapartum and postpartum periods (Sandall et al, 2013). Case loading has been described as the ‘ideal’ model of care by Flint, Paulengeris and Grant (1989), and this has been echoed by the Department of Health (DH) (Department of Health, 2007). Conversely Andrews (2006) suggested that midwives can become disheartened with this model of care, as many feel that the objectives of case loading are unattainable in midwifery practice.
In 1993 continuity of care was recognised by the government and was outlined in the department of health policy paper ‘Changing childbirth’ (DH, 1993). The document focused on choice and continuity of the care a woman…

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