The Case Involving Petra And The United States Essay

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Case 1 This paper will discuss the case involving Petra who is an immigrant to the United States. However, Jonathan is not familiar with immigrants. Jonathan refers Petra to another counselor who is well trained in working with immigrants, but not as confident with depression. The paper will look at the ethical issues surrounding this case and use research and other case examples as well. Ethically speaking Jonathan made the decision to refer Petra to a new therapist based solely on her being an immigrant. He knew before transfer that she was struggling with depression, which he is confident in. He then referred her to a therapist who was less confident in dealing with depression. All of this means that Jonathan did not act in an ethical way regarding his treatment of Petra. Jonathan did not act ethically according to the ACA Code of Ethics. The ACA Code of Ethics (2014) states that in terms of multicultural counseling, counselors should educate themselves on clients with diverse backgrounds in order to counsel them effectively. Jonathan took no steps to properly educate himself regarding immigrants prior to transferring Petra to another counselor. Jonathan does not use supervision or any conversations with other counselors to attempt to supplement his knowledge. There is also a lack on multicultural counseling understanding on his part when he assumes that because Petra is an immigrant he will be unable to assist her even though he is well trained in dealing with…

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