Essay about The Cast of Domino's and Delivery

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In this case, the reader is presented with a dilemma concerning Domino’s delivery service and customers ordering from unsafe neighborhoods. Domino’s and other pizza delivery companies (namely Pizza Hut and Little Caeser’s) implement a program that ranks neighborhoods based on their safety; residents living in “red” neighborhoods must drive to the store to pick up their pizza. Domino’s enforces this to protect their drivers from being assaulted or murdered. The ethical dilemma is that these “red” or “dangerous” neighborhoods tend to be comprised of mostly minority groups. Upon refusal on Domino’s part to deliver to the Fobbs family, the comment was made that “it can only be because we are black people.” The American Civil Liberties Union …show more content…
This issue is not one of race, but of unsafe neighborhoods. Taking this side of the issue, the reader must then think of solutions to reduce the number of high-crime areas that exist. While there is no quick fix for this, simple repairs (such as broken windows or street lights) can help make a small difference. Even encouraging communication or planning events (such as block parties) may help residents get to know and perhaps trust each other a little more. Landscaping is another option to consider; low-light areas provide possible danger zones and piles of rocks or stones could be replaced with green areas. Parks would encourage children to feel more connected to the neighborhood and build positive relationships with other residents. Asking landlords to keep their facilities up-to-date both on the inside and outside will create a more positive living environment for tenants. Involving other agencies (parks departments, police offices, transportation departments) may aid in re-structuring and maintaining these changes. Most importantly, all residents must feel involved in these projects. Making education (especially higher education) more available to residents of areas such as these is also a possible means to a solution, as poor education makes finding non-criminal employment more difficult. At the same time, good teachers are less likely to want to serve in

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