The Civil Rights Of Memphis Essay

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Memphis has long been known as a city of racial diversity and as a city fully aware of the value of civil rights. Dr. King, namely, planted roots here that had a lasting impact on Memphis culture. However, today’s modernizing world no longer seeks the peaceful protests King emphasized; rather, it supports insane claims and expectations. We live in a world where one race thinks another considers itself superior in some way, regardless of which races are being compared. Ridiculous is the best word for it, as history proves this is a natural disaster in and of itself.

If you look back in time, to the birth of the United States, you find a story of white supremacy. English and Spaniards came to America and ultimately used their own entitlements to diminish other cultures that had long existed. In hindsight, we know this is highly undesirable. But we cannot change history, on the present and the future. The Spanish implemented the encomienda system in which natives were “protected” in exchange for labor; as a result, many debates emerged on morals, the Valladolid debate marking one of the most famous. From there, the Columbian exchange also dehumanized the world—people used other people to trade and bring revenue. This concept, also known as African slave trade, in no way is acceptable; thankfully we no longer live in a world that accepts slave trade. The African government is not selling slaves to the United States to bring money back home. The fight for equality is over; we…

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