The Classic War Between A Passion And Responsibility Essay

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A motif in literature is the classic war between a passion and responsibility. There are many different emotions and drives that may conflict with a character’s moral duty in literary works such as: a personal cause, a love, a desire for revenge, or a determination to redress a wrong. In Hamlet a tragic play by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is in a war between his desire for revenge against the man who murdered his father, and his responsibility as a prince to do the right thing. This war has a negative effect on Hamlet because it slowly turns his façade of being mad into a reality. This conflict is significant because it expands on the works theme of how Hamlet’s constant confusion, along with his inability to act on his desire for revenge ultimately leads to his demise. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet finds out from a ghost, who is presumed to be his father, that King Hamlet has been poisoned by his uncle Claudius. Being that Hamlet is currently mourning the death of his father; this infuriates Hamlet and makes him want to murder Claudius for revenge, but Hamlet’s responsibility as prince does not allow him to do so. This responsibility inclines him to question the intention of the ghost; Hamlet does not know whether to believe that the ghost is his father, or if the ghost is a demon who is trying to take his soul. When Hamlet’s mother immediately gets married to Claudius after her husband’s death, Hamlet begins to see the world as “and unweeded garden that grows to…

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