The Classrooms Of Today 's School Have No Norm Essay

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The classrooms of today’s school have no norm. Classrooms vary from school to school, hallway to hallway, etc. Being aware of the types of learners in the classroom is very beneficial to both students and teachers. There are six different diverse learner groups found in the book. These groups are students who are linguistically diverse, students who are gifted and talented, students who are learning disabled, students who have disorders that affect communication, students who are physically challenged, and students who have behavioral disorders. Throughout this paper we will cover all of these groups.
The first group mentioned in the book is students who are linguistically diverse. This group includes students who are English language learners. This group of learners needs a bridge of their culture and knowledge and the lessons being taught. Using this bridge will allow linguistically diverse students to use their background knowledge, and apply it to the new skills being taught. Modeling the skills is also very important when it comes to teaching these students. Literature based instruction and integrating literature into lessons can assist students in developing the language skill. When selecting and interpreting assessments consider the challenges these students face. Provide these students with groups that will reinforce the skills being taught.
The second group of students is the students who are gifted and talented. Students that are considered gifted and talented…

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