Essay on The Connection Between Dreams And Psychology

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People have been dreaming since the beginning of time, and the only thing that has changed over the years is how the dreams are interpreted. Ancient civilizations did not directly connect dreaming with anything psychological, instead they believed that dreams were spiritual inspirations [Masson 2010]. These inspirations were believed to be sent to the dreamer to either warn the dreamer, or foretell the future. As years went by, and civilizations progressed the theory of spiritual inspirations started to dissolve, and the concept of the connection between dreams and psychology progressed. Aristotle the Greek philosopher wrote a book that changed the way the general public looked at dreams. Aristotle suggested that dreams were correlated with chemical changes in the body that happened throughout the day, and not with divine spirits trying to communicate with the dreamer [Masson 2010]. Until fairly recently scientific knowledge of dreams has been almost impossible to prove since it is not something you can see, and it is different for everyone. Unlike other states of consciousness, dreams have no rhyme or reason, we have no control over dreams, and dreams are completely accidental events [Jung 1974]. Having no scientific proof about dreams means that forward progress on knowledge of dreams was delayed. In 1900 Sigmund Freud published his work on dreams, which would be a real game changer on how dreams are interpreted and analyzed [Jung 1974]. Freud was the first person to…

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