The Connection Of Computers On A Global Platform Essay

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The connection of computers on a global platform has really driven technological innovations over the years. From web applications to data sharing, the Internet promises a new scope of technological development which is likely to change the destiny of humanity forever. In view of this, it is apparent that the technology can be exploited by developing countries for their own growth. Over the years, criticisms have been laid on unfair trade policies as one of the reasons why developing countries have continued to be marginalized. For instance, the case of Africa and China’s trade deficit which shows some of the flaws which might be attributed to the former’s slow economic growth over the years (Men and Benjamin 30). The estimation was in 2008. Looking back at these conventional forms of trading, the Internet brings a platform which is fair and offers every country a fair chance of developing. The following discussion seeks to assert why the Internet can drive the economic growth of developing countries.
In the age of the Internet, sharing information is the key to empowering the masses. Through platforms such as FTP, information can be shared over long distances easily. The implication with this is that the developing countries can finally access information much more easily than it was before (Tan 167). One of the sectors which stands to gain from this is education. Through the Internet, everybody can now access crucial and important information on nearly every topic.…

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