The Constitution And The Bill Of Rights Essay

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Although discovering America, creating America and fighting for America are all important events, making a document to protect our basic American rights is the most important event in history. Some people opposed the writing of the Bill of Rights whereas others for strongly for it. In the time period of writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, people who were for both the Constitution and Bill of Rights were called Federalists and people who were against it were called the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists were the ones who fought for our basic rights and needs to be protected. Without the Bill of Rights, we wouldn’t have the ten most important amendments protecting us as humans.
Famous Federalists were: James Madison, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. Having this name implied they were committed to a loose system of government. Federalists and federalism are similar words but have hugely different meanings. Federalists were for an easy-going government but federalism means to have a strong central government. Some sources believe “nationalists” would have been a better suiting name for the Federalists. Federalists saw their most important role was to defend the social gains from the Revolution. Many of the famous, national level politics at the time were Federalists. For example, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were both Federalists and they were both known as political leaders on that national level bases. Famous Anti-Federalists were: James Winthrop,…

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