The Contemporary Critic 's Authority Nick James 's Article On The Revival Of Criticism

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There are two conclusions which can be drawn from these case studies. With regards to the question on the contemporary critic’s authority Nick James’s article on the revival of criticism suggests a different approach to the issue (James, 2009). He observes that while one half of their ‘usefulness’ can be said to lie in the recommendation of films for the consumer prior to their visit to the cinema or film-watching activities there is another half which is just as important. It concerns ‘the post-screening reader’ and bears a more personal significance. This mode of professional writing can be used to ‘test their own opinion’ on the product they have been exposed to. A recent conference on the future of film criticism further elaborates on it, proposing that the purpose of professional film analysis should be to provide ‘cultural commentary’ over criticism on the audiences’ tastes and preferences (Singer, 2012).
The second observation concerns the need of the film critic, professional or non-professional to abide to the code and behaviour of the organization or platform they use as their medium in the communication with the publics. James (2009) opens up his review on film analysis noting that it is a customer service and what has changed in the age of media convergence is the influx of information available to the contemporary reader. This information comes from different sources, ‘from official and viral marketing campaigns, fan sites, festival reportage and so forth’ and…

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