Essay on The Controversy Of Uncle Toms Cabin

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Brandon Stevens


A.P. Lit

5 March 2015

The Controversy of Uncle Toms Cabin During the 1800’s, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the most influential novel whose popularity is surpassed by no other. Quickly during the 1800‘s Stowe became a pioneer for the anti-slavery and feminist movement. With the massive success attained by the novel, slavery soon became a pressing issue throughout society. Many literary works are incapable of entirely changing society as a whole, but novels such as, Uncle Times Cabin are able to create an awareness so vast that society finds ways to bring about change. The publication of the novel invigorated society to such an extent that congress held slavery as being a national rather than a regional issue. Although the novels success is unmatched, it also brings about questions concerning Stowe’s portrayal on slavery and gender. Even though the novel is known for being an anti-slavery and pro feminist, it is now drawing criticism for her complaisant portrayal of slavery and women. The novel discusses both the ethical value of slavery through Christianity and the role of women during that time period. The novels discussion of religion, and slavery is viewed as being both refuted and supported, while drawing concerns on the overall position for the feminist movement. This confusion throughout the novel could be viewed as being “ ideologically inconsistent”(Silverman 24). During the novel, it is apparent that religion played a major role…

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