The Controversy Over Disputed Vote Essay

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4. Describe the controversy regarding disputed votes in Florida and explain how Bush could win the election despite polling fewer votes than his opponent.
a. What happened in the 2000 Presidential election was unprecedented, never before had a president been elected with a 500,000 deficit in the popular vote and a Supreme Court ruling that top a recount that might have elected the other candidate. After the first counting of the votes, it was determined that 4 million Florida resident had voted, and that Bush had a narrow popular vote lead with between 2000 and 150 more votes than Gore. For the rest of the nation, it was too close to call, and that left it to who ever won Florida’s popular vote would be the next president. “An investigation by state officials revealed that voting procedures and counting methods might have been handled incorrectly and the Florida Supreme Court ordered that a state wide supervised recount of the votes was needed to determine the winner. While the recount was going on, media reported that people informed them of voting breakdowns and errors at some Florida precincts. This caused many people to think that this may have helped Bush in the original count. The Republicans was able to submit to the Supreme Court an injunction ordering that the recount of the votes be stopped. In a shocking ruling to many Americans, including the four dissenting Supreme Court Justices and the Florida Supreme Court who ordered the recount, the Republican Party were…

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