Essay on The Cornell Food And Brand Lab

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Everyone has heard that myth that children simply do not like eating vegetables. However, this myth is quickly debunked if a child is asked which vegetable is their favorite. Not all children like all kinds of vegetables, but they usually have an answer ready. Whether if it is broccoli because it is shaped like a tree or carrots because they have a crunchy texture, there is always some explanation of why they like a particular vegetable or fruit. In the end, children tend to make associations between food and other factors, such as people, memories, and senses.
At the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, a qualitative study was conducted by interviewing sixty-three four-year-olds with a detailed laddering technique. Next, in a parallel study, children were asked to take foods at a buffet and asked why they liked their top two favorite foods and top two least favorite foods. Finally, a follow up survey was conducted to ask adults what their favorite and least favorite foods are to see if there is any correlation that may be shared with children and adults. As a result, the following paper will first will give a background to these different types of associations. Then, an overview of the methodology will be explained of how these studies were experimented. The subsequent section will explicate the data results of the experiments. Finally, a summary conclusion that may explain why someone likes or dislikes a particular food in the end of the section.

Background When a…

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