The Corporate Responsibility Of Nestle Essay

1829 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
Corporate responsibility has become one of the most important aspects in marketing, it is a very essential matter for the companies’ development and sustainability. Nestlé has used its corporate responsibility to be more responsible towards its stakeholders, the societies and the environments it does business in. as Nestlé is the biggest food and beverage company it tried to make a good image about its business, for instance selling healthy food, creating job opportunities, and creating shared value. Therefore Nestlé is being helpful for the societies not only by selling products but also by employing people and caring for them and for their families, this created a trust between the company and the employees moreover a trust between the company and its costumers and consumers. During the recent years nestle has succeeded to create the trust and showed a good intention of being responsible. therefore, in this report it will be explained how good and useful the corporate responsibility was for Nestlé and how it helped the company in its evolution and development, moreover the report will discuss the GDA labeling, the creation of the shared well value, and also the marketing research that nestle should apply in its communication campaign.
Accordingly, The first part the report will explain what the corporate responsibility is in general and give a definition of each aspect of it, and then explain specifically the Nestlé’s corporate responsibility and evaluate how good it was…

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