The Cost Of A Human Life Essay

1024 Words Jul 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Merelyn Cedeno
Prof Dingman
WR 201
7 June 2015 The cost of a human life How much you do think your life cost? How much your parents are worth? One time or another we’ve ask ourselves these questions but now you have to ask yourself how much is the life of a homeless person? In the article, “What Should a Billionaire Give and What Should You” by Peter Singer, he asked what is a human life worth? In his opinion that is based on the action of many people, who ignore needs of people who are poor, life isn’t worth as much as someone who thinks it would be. I can agree with Singer due to the actions of people when they pass by when there are beggars on the street, when volunteers ask for food or clothes, and. Singer proceeds to correctly assume that many people do not want to give a distinct price, but knows that it would be a grand amount of money and it would to be for good karma. “With Christmas approaching, and Americans writing checks to their favorite charities, it’s a good time to ask how these two beliefs, that a human life, if it can be priced at all, is worth millions, and that the factors I have mentioned do not alter the value of a human life, square with our actions”(10). He then asked do we act correctly and accordingly. He mentions that Microsoft creator Bill Gates had begun to give huge amounts of money each year after knowing about a disease that kills millions of children. Gates was astonish about the fact no one had taken in consideration about the…

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