Essay about The Cost Of Farms And Its Effects On The World

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There is a popular myth circling the media, which is that farms are now large corporations that care only about profit and not the product. However, that is far from the truth. According to Ag Web, an extension from the Farm Journal, 87 percent of the 2.2 million farms are owned by an individual or married couple. Another myth that recently gained momentum is that Americans would drastically improve the environment if they consumed less meat. The argument behind this is that it would free land from crop production going to livestock, and could then be supplemented to feed people overseas. What they fail to account for is that over half the land in America is strictly grazing land which is not suitable for crop production, but instead, livestock. With the glaring eye of the public, and consumer awareness mixed with propaganda riding on the backs of producers, is it possible to keep these rural farms and locations sustained in the modern world? The answer is yes. Floor Brouwer, a senior research scholar at Wageningen University, specializing in natural resources and agriculture, made valuable edits to the book, Sustaining Agriculture and the Rural Environment: Governance, Policy and Multifunctionality. The book, part of the Advances in Ecological Economies series, provides an overview of options for suitable management practices related to rural areas. I will give a summary of the book, my interpretation of the material, and any suggestions or added research I think should…

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